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The Beyond Labels project gives young men the platform to connect with a variety of artists in order to develop their creativity through contemporary art forms as a vehicle for self-exploration and self-expression.

Through film, photography and the spoken word young people have been able to perceive the world in new ways, make connections, develop a greater understanding of who they are, and further develop their sense of curiosity, adventure and imagination.

In collaboration with Young Identity, Seal Films, Nick Farrimond and Saquib Chowdhury. Supported by Superslowway.

Latest News

The Latest News from Beyond Labels

8th December 2016

Beyond Labels Legacy Tour

The Beyond Labels collective have just completed their tour of East Lancashire. The five date tour involved performances at The Burnley Mechanics, The Shop in Nelson, The Bureau in Blackburn, Accrington Market Hall and the Burnley Faith Centre. The performances were well received with some amazing feedback;

“Amazing and powerful words. You are strong men who want to share your wonderful thoughts. Keep on spreading the word and helping to inform the uninformed.”
– Audience member, Burnley


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